【 About the Plan 】

40% discount plan(With a dinner and a breakfast)

Breakfast and dinner included

Room Types

1F outdoor jacuzzi room double room twin room

2F room

Photos are images. Menus may change slightly from season to season

Escape type
Asia type
Zen type       

All time open

We have 2floors. First floor there are 5 double room, and one
twin room (also including outside jacuzzi bath.It is not hot spring)
Second floor there are 7double rooms.(No outside jacuzzi bath)

Details of Plan

Offer 40% discount as early discount plan up 30 days.
Available date and reservation acceptance periods are subject to
Dinner will be selected from 5type(A or B or C or D or E) with 40% off plan.
Course which can be chosen as original plan “Dinner of Sweet stay plan”
Available at 24,624 yen,one romm for two persons in room plan,40% off for41,040 yen.
The second floor Standard Double Room likewise has 18,662yen.
However,on Saturday itis increased by 4,600yen to 29,224yen,
the second floor is 23,262yen.

A 【Spicy Asian Cuisine Course】
Appetizer .salad. Tom Yam Kung Soup. Stir-Fried Seafood Chili Tomato.
Spareibs(Pork). Nasi goreng. Dessert. (Overall Spicy tailoring)
B【Tom Yam Kung pot course】
Appetizer. Tom Yam Kung pot (Vegetables. Mushroom pot. Pork.
Chicken.Seafood. Phonoodle) Please enjoy with 3kinds of spicy saus e. Dessert.
C【Allamanda style tomato sauce pot course】
Appetizer. Bouillabaisse pot(Vegetables. Mushroom. Wiener. Chicken.)
D【Salmon soy milk pot】
Appetizer. Salmon soy milk pot(Salmon. Vegetables. Mushroom. Wiener.
Pork.Ceese.Miso) Risotto. Dessert.
E【Vegetables pot】
Appetizer.Vegetable pot. (Chicken stock soup) Dessert.

(Dinner content may change depending on the season and arrival status)