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In the night air…

Please enjoy lunch and afternoon tea at the resortlike terrace, feeling pleasant breeze and green.

Spend your night at the stylish lighted-up bar, perfect for resort time.

浪漫 Late Night Cafe

Rest Time (~21:00)

Rest Time(~21:00)

Italy’s illy coffee and Chinese tea are available.

Our original dessert “Japanese Matcha (powdered green tea) Yoshino kuzu parfait, Allamanda original cake” are excellent.
Feel free to visit us.

Enjoy having tea in the fresh green air in the sunlight.

As night falls, the atmosphere changes completely.
Enjoy your bar time too.

Bar time (21:00~)

Best place to spend the time talking together in the night air.

Candle flames will take your silhouette to the ancient city.

Various kinds of beer from \600 (tax-included)
Craft beer

Various kinds of sake, local sake from \500 (tax-included)
Nara’s local sake

Original cocktail from \700 (tax-included)
Allamanda Special
Choose from 3 kinds.
Asian (based on cinzano), Japanese (based on Matcha (powdered green tea), Japanese plum liqueur), Southern island style (based on fruit liqueur), Naramachi no koibito, Asia no biyaku, Otome no namida, Unmei [set of two] etc.

Of course there are brandy, scotch and spirit.
Especially bourbon, we have many kinds from \700 (tax-included).

We have many other drinks such as non-alcohol beer etc. Room service is also available.

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